Unlock Huge Savings with LiveGood’s Nutrition Buyers Club

Unlock Huge Savings with LiveGood’s Nutrition Buyers Club
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LiveGood: Nutrition Buyers Club

LiveGood is a Nutrition Buyers Club that offers its members the best prices and incredible savings for non-members. Furthermore, they provide an affiliate program called “Earn by Sharing” for those who wish to share their products with family and friends. It is different from other clubs, such as Costco and Sam’s Club, as it offers deeper discounts, specializes in high-quality health products only, and has an affiliate program for earning money.

LiveGood’s mission is to help people lead healthy lives without having to pay a lot of money. They utilize cutting-edge nutrition science, technology, and all-natural ingredients to produce high-quality products at a fraction of the cost of similar products. Their corporate leadership has over 20 years of experience in the Nutritional Supplement industry and have helped countless individuals achieve more than they ever thought they could.

LiveGood’s product range includes Weight Management Coffee with Mushrooms, CBD Oil Full Spectrum, Organic Super Reds, Organic Super Greens, Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin, D3-K2 2000, Ultra Magnesium Complex, and Complete Plant-Based Protein. Each of these products has been designed considering nutrition and health. They use only natural ingredients and the latest technology.

Apart from selling products, LiveGood also offers an income opportunity to independent affiliates who share their products and succeed in building teams of other independent affiliates. Commissions are paid from product and membership sales up to 10 levels deep and are managed through a compensation plan with 4 income streams including product and membership sales.

At LiveGood, they strive to make the highest quality products at a fraction of the price of the competition. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to make money through their “Earn by Sharing” compensation program. To join the entire program, there is a one-time sign-up cost of $49.95, with $40.00 being the affiliate sign-up fee and $9.95 the membership fee for the first month. Their compensation plan is fair, easy to understand and works for everyone.

LiveGood provides a life-changing opportunity for many people, from having access to health and wellness supplements at 75% less than the competitors to having the products delivered to one’s door. It is a new concept in health product shopping and the membership model is quite attractive.

LiveGood Recognizes Its Affiliates

LiveGood knows that its affiliates will play a crucial role in their company’s success, so they want to show them the recognition they deserve. This includes giving them a share of the company’s total sales. Once an affiliate reaches Diamond rank, they are eligible for the Diamond Bonus Pool and will receive a generous 2% of the total company sales every month. This 2% will be evenly divided between all Diamond-ranked affiliates.

LiveGood specializes in high-quality health products that are powered by cutting-edge nutrition science, technology, and all-natural ingredients. Customers benefit from discounted wholesale prices, membership benefits, and the chance to earn by sharing the products and opportunity with others.

LiveGood has established an online team support group called Team LiveGood United. This network of members, affiliates, and their friends receive the latest information on LiveGood’s trends and marketing strategies, both online and offline, and can share it with others. The goal of the group is to foster a community atmosphere among those who are enthusiastic and willing to help.

LiveGood has a vision of creating a unified team that can share their products and opportunity with passion. Further, they have a compensation plan that promises bigger discounts and an affiliate program where you can be rewarded for your referrals.

LiveGood is the real deal and customers are continuously impressed with the effective products. Their success speaks for itself.

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